Print Sale!

I finished my Japanese Woodblock print from the workshop I took two weeks ago with Karl Hecksher. I made a reduction cut and printed it on several types of Japanese paper. I also added a woodgrained background to a few. I am trying to sell these prints in order to raise money to get some film developed and to purchase some more. I have some 4×5″s, a couple rolls of 35mm, and over 40 rolls of 120mm colour film to develop, which those who know, know that its damn expensive.

So here’s the deal, one editioned print will account for the cost to develop 6 rolls of film. Also, if you who buy an editioned print, I will also send you a photograph from one of the rolls of film I get developed! (That’s two prints for one!) I also have a couple of artists proofs that I am willing to sell for a cheaper price. Every roll that gets developed really helps me out!

Editioned or AP

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