Journey to South Africa

designed by August Cary

In a week I will be on my way to Jo’burg South Africa for the start of the 2010 Fifa World Cup with my former professor, and native South African, Ian van Coller as well as my good friend Auggie Cary. Ian van Coller’s work primarily explores post-apartheid South Africa, and our upcoming trip will be an extension of his previous work. Our primary focus will be to photograph the soccer fans at the games, but we also intend to document the social landscape surrounding the events. Auggie and I are just along for the ride to help make Ian’s project the best it can be. I just finished the first stage of our website, so make sure to check back in a little over a week when we began uploading images from our trip.

South West Photography Pilgrimage

I just got back from a trip to the American Southwest with a fellow photographer and friend Brian McGeogh. We drove all the way down to Tuscon to see the New Topographics show and stopped just about everywhere in between to make photographs. I believe between the two of us we used:

4.5 rolls of 35mm slide film

15 rolls of 120mm

and 36 4×5′s

getting the film back tomorrow and will post images as they get processed. Here are some celluars from the trip.

From the Archives

Three Portraits from the Porch

Photopolymer Tests

I have been working with the Teton Artlab to produce some Intaglio prints from Photopolymer plates. This portrait of artist Aaron Wallis was taken with my 4×5″ and made into a positive via inkjet transparency film. I have yet to make a calibrated curve for the process, but that should come soon. Travis Walker helped me print a set of proofs, and showed me how to do a “viscosity print” which is the one with yellow relief. I plan to expand on this process and make a new body of black and white work to go with it, hopefully ending up in a book form.

Roommate Portraits

Portraits made earlier today with 4×5″ black and white film and natural light. More to come soon…